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MAD Technology Solutions, LLC Business Technology Simplified
Co-sponsored by Microsoft Corporation and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), this book is designed to help small business owners explore how technology can make their businesses more competitive and efficient.
In today’s business world, technology has a major impact on business success. And yet, for many small business owners, it can be a challenge to get technology to really work for the business.
Through the lens of 16 successful small business owners and leaders, this book provides you with a firsthand look at how simple, modern technology can make businesses more competitive and efficient. Find practical, useful advice on making smart technology decisions—whether you’re just starting out or your technology has grown alongside your business and you now need to simplify. Get new ideas on how to make better use of your time, from eliminating phone tag to keeping your business humming even when you’re on the road. And discover how technology can help you harness information to steer your business toward bigger profits and happier customers.
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As discussed in this book, MAD Technology Solutions, LLC understands that in today's business world, time and money are resources that must be properly managed for you and your organization to remain competitive. We will make sure that all work performed as part of our solutions and services provide value and a return on your investment. Our team at MAD Technology Solutions will work alongside you, as a member of your team, assisting you in the understanding, planning, design, development and successful delivery of your next project. Also, if you need assistance with a current project, MAD Technology Solutions will be there in any role that is required.
In our fast paced world of today, technology can be a tremendous challenge, but with the right solutions and services, it is also a significant benefit. So when you and think about technology, just remember:
Don't worry about technology...just get MAD!